Thursday, February 07, 2008

Art and everything else in life.

1. Art.

Who is to say what I can and cannot do with my own art? I'll decide what is and isn't exploitive.

2. I like to see and experiment with different social identities. I don't find it weird that I can change myself and mold myself consciously to see how others will react. Okay, maybe other people don't do that? I don't know. Someone fill me in. I have been having a mild identity crisis lately. What is an identity crisis anyway? Is it looking in the mirror and not recognizing your very own face? Is it not knowing who you are to others? Is it not knowing how you will react to something? Is it when you surprise yourself by actions that you are doing, and you don't expect to be doing them in that particular way? Am I being heinously vague? I don't remember the shape of my nose being like it is. I don't remember acting like my Dad does to things. I don't remember my eyes being this color. Maybe I never paid attention. Maybe I've changed. Maybe I like feeling like I'm in a new skin constantly. I think I am changing and growing as a human that is existing, and then reaching beyond simply existing and expanding. Not literally expanding, by the way. Expanding your openness, expanding your peripherals to perceive more than you're used to is what I mean.

I, at the same current time, am completely happy knowing the people I know and am really, truly enjoying life as it comes my way. I am excited to be at school being pushed beyond my comfort zone and reaching depths of my photography that I didn't know existed. The hasselblad doesn't hurt the cause, either ;-)

People in Chicago are fucking rude sometimes. But, all in all I love it here.

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