Saturday, January 05, 2008

parties, good people, good memories.

I am happy to wake up in Germany today after a long night of fun with nice people. Stefan was kind and took us to a dinner party with his closest friends, and they all were giving and kind to us. It was a good dinner. The appetiyer first course was these amazing little rolls made with pizza dough, and I think they had rosemary in them. There was one of these fist-size rolls next to two bacon, or maybe prociutto wrapped dates. There were cherry tomatoes baked with olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette to scoop onto the plate and eat with the roll. It was delicious. I thought to myself, I am not stuffed but I am okay now, I am not too full. I thought that this was the meal. ha, how I was wrong! They then brought out a beautiful feast of braised venison and dumplings, some of bread and some made of potato. There was red kraut, beets, celery root, sauteed mushrooms, and the venison was cooked in a sauce to put over the dumplings. There were pears and cranberries, lots of wine and beer and laughs to share all around. I had a wonderful time, they were very giving. Kylie is the good one out of the two of us and abstains from much on the indulgence I find myself joining with pleasure. So, if the family is reading this, you can know that Kylie is in good hands, and she is very responsible and I am upholding the tradition of indulgence while in my twenties, as all of you did so incredibly. hehehehe.

Kylie, Stefan, one of Stefan's friends Juni and I came back to his flat and drank some more and later had a little cheese and leberwurst and other meats that i don't know what they were but it tasted good so I ate it with some nice italian bread.

I am the first one to wake up, Stefan I think is sleeping in, after a 4 am night he is tired still and I am okay. Kylie woke up recently and is in the shower washing away the sins from last night's party. kidding. really, she was the best of the three of us.

I am off to eat something and drink some tea to get rid of this silly headache I have.

Miss you and love you all. Especially my cats (no offense). :)

Heather Karin

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