Thursday, January 03, 2008

1st day in Germany.

Kylie and I are having a wonderful time already!!

We are leaving for Nürnberg now to explore and what not, later I will update with pictures und stories of our day. Sorry about any typos, but the keyboard here is different and I am not used to it. I miss everyone a little, but I don,t really care because I am having a lot of fun.

(There is one person who I wish were here with me)

For the family: Last night I updated Stefan on the missing links of the stories he has been told by Uli and he was surprised and laughing at my versions of the construction and relationships in our family overseas. We had a blast and drank two bottles of wine. Kylie was a good girl and went to bed early. I should have but Stefan and I fell into conversations that lasted long into the night. He says Halo to Ingimaus!

Lots of love to everyone, thank you Keiko for watching the kitties, give them my love and some cat crack. cool thanks.
more later.

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ingy said...

Have a cheese pretzel and Nurnberger bratwurst for me ... wish I could join you for that!!! Not to mention the family gossip! Say hey to Kylie and Stefan for me.